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The persona of “Mr. Bucketlist” was created by David Jerome in his mid-40’s during the economic downturn. That nasty ol’ mid-life attitude was beginning to set in. The responsibilities of life and the realization that it was halfway over weighed on him creating a “what’s the point of it all?” He thought about what used to make him happy and discovered that it was new interesting life experiences. He wrote down his list of life accomplishments and then his goals or Bucket List items for the future.

Feeling the urgency of getting things done, he published his previously written novel, went on a book tour which included break-dancing on television. He visited Alaska his 50th and final state, sang the national anthem at a professional baseball game, and is still trying to learn how to ride a unicycle, all bucket list items. He decided to set-up the Mr. Bucketlist website to encourage and inspire others to find their own happiness through  bucket list accomplishments, and as a place to share their accomplishments with others. If you don’t have a list of life goals, look at our list of suggestions and write them down, good luck and start checking off those items… and when you do share them with us here at MrBucketlist.com.